My experience with the 5 energies

//My experience with the 5 energies


Hello, hope everyone is doing well~

I would like to talk about the five basic elements of energy that is found in everything. In the Orientals culture people have believed for a long time that the universe started with nothing and turned into something. Then that one something split into 2 elements which are/were yin and yang (positive and negative). From there yin and yang split into 5 elements, these 5 elements have similar characteristics as the elements seen in nature which are; Earth (mountain), Fire, Tree (Wind), Metal (Rock) and Water. These 5 elements can then be split into 36 elements and so.

What I have found interesting about my studies in this field, is that I have noticed these characteristics (elements) in nearly everything that I see, even in the things I do. I have also been able to understand myself much better from understanding these elements from a deeper level. For example the element Earth which has similar characteristics to a mountain, big and wide and can support many people but cannot move easily because it is so big and heavy. I find that I am much the same, I have much ability to understand and get along with many people but I lack the ability or I find it hard to be flexible in my ways. So I have realised that I have much of this element inside of me. This is something very small but I feel that I understand myself that much better.

Everyone has all these elements inside of them just in different proportions to make up “x” you. This is why one may feel uncomfortable around some people and not with others. Simply because we have too much of one element and lack other elements. When our elements are balanced we feel comfortable naturally. This is because when all 5 elements are equally balanced it makes yin and yang and then “Mu” nothingness (original Nature). Once we can overcome these elements in ourselves, meaning that the elements no longer affect our mind, we can be seen as a person with ability and calibre. Reason being one can walk freely making rational decisions based on what one really needs and not on desires.

When it comes to relationships, do your best to find a partner that compliments your elements instead focusing on the desires that one might have for the other person. I find it that if one can do so, the relationship between the two people will be much more pleasant and last for a long time.

Let’s try to evaluate our selves through the many tools that nature gives us every day through all its beauty and secrets. Nothing in this universe is from chance, it is in front of you for a reason~

In the comment area try to relate your character to something you see in nature, let’s evaluate ourselves through other people’s thoughts.

thank you.

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