A Seon仙 Lecture in Budapest

//A Seon仙 Lecture in Budapest

oright hwang

Just a few days ago we had a lovely lecture with some performances at the Korean Culture center in Budapest Hungary.

The event and performance was initiated by Hedi Horvath and came together with a beautiful Korean woman by the name of Kim Yeah Jin whom works at the Korean culture center. The MC of the event was Hedi with the lecturer Oright Hwang by her side. Together they presented a beutiful event with lots of smiles and wisdom.





It started off with a beautiful performance by two lovely Koreans, playing the ocarina with all there passion and enthusiasm.





Then moved onto a beautiful Seon-Mu Dance by In-sun expressing the different energies moving around the body in a calm and relaxed state. expressing her mind gently through each movement. The beautiful movements brought tears and gentle smiles. If you want to learn directly from In-sun you will find her at Yeongam Seonaeville Korea.






After the great crowd felt a little of Seon Culture we moved onto the lecture “Others are as preciouse as i am” presented by Oright Hwang.




Here is some of the content that was presented at the lecture.

Others are as precious as I am.
Good afternoon everyone.
It is a great honor for me to have this opportunity to talk to you.
I am a Korean but I am living in South Africa. There is an eco community run by the members of Suseonjae in Swellendam, South Africa, together with the Meditation School, Suseonjae.

The topic that I am going to tell you about today is mainly about the relationship between one’s ego and the Bonseong or Original Nature. Although you might feel it a bit too heavy because of the connotations of the terms, I will try my best to explain them easily by utilizing my personal experiences.

We are beings who sustain life together with others.
The Earth is a school where we learn from our experiences.
The purpose of the life of a human being is to evolve their spirituality through their experiences.

The basics of learning are love and righteousness.
Love is such a mind that considers others by putting oneself in another’s place and empathizes, and the righteousness is the mind that is ashamed of and dislikes unrighteous behavior.
They are the keys to harmonious living.

With or without realizing it, we live our lives harming nature.
Nature should be approached with humility, and should be protected and taken care of and not be harmed by our greed as we all share a common destiny.

To understand nature is to understand the root of oneself.
This is because we are one of the creatures existing as a part of the universe.

To understand means to be able to tell the beginning from the end, and to distinguish between root and branch. Humans are beings destined to live according to the principles of the universe.

It is said that the everyday mind is Doh or the principle of the universe.
This means that one realizes the reality: I am already an enlightened person through the way that I live.
So an enlightened person is one who understands the principles and laws of the universe and lives their life according to them.
However it is most likely that we would go back to where we should go after finishing our lives without realizing such a fact.

We must be awakened in order to live and to be aware of our selves.

There are two different selves inside of us:
The ego, which thrives on such a desire to worry about one’s own interest only, and the Bonseong or original nature, which makes us choose the good that is beneficial for both oneself and others.

We have to find our Bonseong so that we could live our lives abiding by the will of Bonseong.
That is the true meaning of being awakened.

The method to experience the state of being awakened is to breathe deeply.

The deep breathing through lower abdomen has the power to awaken our consciousness.
Our consciousness will be brighter when the power is gathered so that we may reach our Bonseong, which is the divine nature existing inside of us.

We are not aware of our breathing in ordinary times. Breathing is done naturally without any effort, as our body carries it out by itself. Actually breathing is the job belonging to heaven and it never stops before the time has arrived, as it is managed by the laws of the universe.

We breathe 15 to 20 times per minute. When we say breathing in Korea that means the in breath and out breath literally. So it means that one time of in and out breath takes three seconds if we breathe 20 times per minute. What do you think of that? Isn’t it faster than you thought?

Though we cannot stop breathing we can regulate the length. However this is such a benefit that can be utilized by only those who can understand reality.

Heaven has hidden the divine nature inside of us. Therefore, human beings are such creatures who can receive and transmit the messages of heaven, standing at the position between heaven and earth. Even though that kind of ability is given equally to everyone; unfortunately only limited number of people can understand and make use of them.

The key to access the secret exists inside the breathing. It can be obtained if you breathe deeply. Why? The reason is because deep breathing can cause such an effect of lowering your wavelength.

Wavelength is the language of the universe. The wavelength of our Bonseong or original nature is the alpha wave and the wavelength where we carry on our daily living is the beta wave. If we breathe deeply our wavelength goes down to the alpha wave to reach the wisdom of the universe or Bonseong. That is because the wavelength of our Bonseong is alpha wave.

Shall we try to breathe?

Ok, then imagine the position 5cm below your belly button. Keep your consciousness at the position 5cm to the inside again from that point. That position is where our energy reservoir called Danjeon exists.

Then close your eyes.
Straighten your spine.
Relax your whole body.
Breathe deeply.
Breathe in, and breathe out.
Breathe in, and breathe out.

Then let’s start.
Let’s try six second breathing. We are going to breathe twice as long as average breathing.
One, two, three, breathe in, and one, two three, breathe out.
One, two, three. One, two, three.
Breathe in, breathe out.

Now, while breathing continuously, imagine that your body has disappeared.
There is nothing. Only you who breathe exist. Now there is breathing only.
What do you think of that?
Did you feel that your mind calm down?

Maybe you could experience such a state where there was nothing except yourself as the only one who breathes, without any thinking. That is the place where our Bonseong is. In other words that is the place where our “original self” exists. Breathing is a course of training where we approach our Bonseong that is our original self by forgetting the movement of ego through that kind of process. It is a practice to exist as Bonseong by discharging all of the thoughts, senses and emotions.

I believe it will be helpful for you especially for controlling your emotions, if you practice breathing deeply whenever you can spare some time. Anybody who wants to learn it more deeply, please visit the website of the Meditation School Suseonjae or contact Horvath Rita Hedvig, the approved meditation instructor in Hungary.

In the case of those who are awakened with Bonseong
their energy should be pure,
their wisdom should be bright
and their hearts should be warm.

That is the original state of ourselves, which we have to rediscover
You and I are equally precious if observed from that position.

Thank you.



During the lecture the guests were presented with a simple and beautiful meditation. One guest went so deep, he could not help but take a trip to dream land.




Although i could not share all the happenings at the event, I hope you were able to catch a little of Seon Culture.


Thank you for reading.


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