Everything is beautiful

//Everything is beautiful

Everything is beautiful.


Everything comes from the same source, the same oneness. This is what gives us the sense that we are all connected in a way.

Life has many things that are dark and many things that are light. However the things that are dark are not just dark, and the things that are light are not just light. Each and everything has a role and a purpose for being in that place at that time. When we can look at things in this way we shall find it easier to understand the means of everything. This because we only get frustrated with things that we do not understand.

Everything is beautiful, however everything is also hard. There is nothing that comes easily except being empty of everything. Although situations can be hard, it also gives us a goal and purpose to strive for something better. Which gives us a purpose to live. There is nothing that comes easy with out a debt in some way. This is a fundamental law that all things in the universe obey.

Everything is beautiful, because everything has a lesson for us to learn. Each and every thing has something for you. there is not one thing that you know 100%, because if you knew that one something 100%, your understanding about the universe would be 100%. Reason being everything comes from the same source or state, so knowing something 100% means that you have achieved the understanding of that same one source that brings us all together. If you can understand that one things 100%, you can understand everything.

All though things can be difficult at times, however there is always an invaluable lesson to be learnt. I think beauty comes from how things are taught.


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