To enjoy life (1)

//To enjoy life (1)

In order to enjoy your life, first of all,
you should set the goal of your life
which determines what kind of life you will lead.
That is to set your biggest goal in life in order to
know and increase your caliber.

Energy will come to you as much as what your goal is.
The life that does not have the goal to go forward and
so does not decide its direction, has no other option but
to drift at a standstill and end up sinking.

Secondly, you should arrange your surroundings.
You should arrange your human relations in your family,
workplace and society. You should keep only the relations
which you can manage well. The less people you are related
with around you, the better it is. When the other belief or level
is not level with yours, it becomes the relation of mutual conflict,
not that of mutual nourishment.

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