To enjoy life (3)

//To enjoy life (3)

After you recognize that you are the being which should be loved by yourself, you must search for the things which you want to do most, feel the most worthwhile to do, and should do. After you find out these things, you have only to do one of them a day and “progress endlessly”.

However, you should not value those things so much that you may hurt yourself by doing them. If the important things to do for your superior, your family and neighbors or for your country are so laborious that they make you give off turbid energy, make you frown and make your heart cool down, you must reduce them to a reasonable level.

Purity, brightness and warmth themselves give vigor not only to the person who have them, but also to the whole universe. On the contrary, if you impose some burden not only on yourself but also on those around because of the laboriousness of the work, it becomes a burden to the whole universe as well as to yourself.

Therefore, no matter how important a work may be, it should not take up more than 50% of your energy and time. The most ideal form of life is  30% to loving yourself and your neighbors, 30% to your job and 30% to your spiritual practice. The balance of 10% can be added to the thing which you think is more important than others. Diligent harvest does not mean that you should give up the balance 70% for one 30% but that you should do your best for every 30%.

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