To prepare for death – Know who you are

//To prepare for death – Know who you are

The second most important thing to human beings is “to prepare for death (eternal life)
while alive”. Life is time-limited and death is another birth to enter eternal life. In order to
die well by preparing for death and to be born well to the eternal life, you should know
who you are. Understanding why you are born, from whom and from where you come is
the fundamental key to understanding yourself. You should know not only about yourself
but also about where human beings come from, from whom and why they come.

The souls of human beings exist as seeds somewhere in heaven. Then they are created
into human beings according to the laws of the universe made by the Creator. The
purpose of creation is for them to help the Creator and lead the evolution of the entire
universe which is the purpose of the creation of the universe. Therefore, human beings
cannot be free from the law of human creation out of the laws of the universe made by
the Creator.

They also cannot be free from the rules by which each person’s life schedule in this
life is programmed according to the cycle of human evolution. Each individual’s life
schedule is set according to the person’s karma, the law of cause and effect.

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