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Seon Culture

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How to love your body

Give thanks, apologize, and think it precious

Let me talk about healing body and spirit

First of all you need to examine whether you are burdening your body or not. Are you thinking so much that the brain can’t handle it? Are you demanding too much from your body that it can’t handle it?

If you are giving the brain too much burden, then first of all, empty your thoughts. That is, just decide to not think. When you empty from your head, your emotions will empty from the heart as well.

If you are giving burden to your organs, then apologize to the organ. For those who are eating too much think “Ah, I am overeating and causing a burden to my spleen and stomach”, and so give apologizes to them first of all. And for those who get angry all the time think “Ah, my anger is giving a problem to my liver and gall bladder”, and so give apologies to your liver and gall bladder.

Those who think too much must give apologies to their brain. Think, “Ah, I have been a burden to my brain for my ceaseless thinking.”

Before you love any information, you must know how to love your body first and foremost. Can you imagine how tired your brain is from your habit of being attached to information and thought? If you give too much stress to the brain, it can’t work and just comes to a stop. At that point, even if you went to a mental clinic they could not help you, and no medicine or other method could help you.

Meditators know the cure for this. Emotions, thought, brain work…these must all be emptied. Just empty and empty until your organs scream, “please come back”. Empty your thoughts in your brain until your brain says, “I’m really bored. Would you please think something?” And eat small meals until your stomach says, ” Give me some food to chew.”

Human beings think that their body is theirs, but later they come to know it was given to them and it’s not theirs. When you die, it returns to nature. In that case, it’s not yours; it was lent to you temporarily. Think in this way and take precious care of your body. If you gave burden or stress to your body, you should think apologetically.

And give thanks. That you were given such a healthy body, isn’t that something to be so thankful for? There are some who were born with sickness from birth and others who due to their neglect have to live life in pain, but compared to them you are living relatively free of burdens right?

Most likely, due to neglect, one of your organs may not be so good, but you received a healthy body at birth. You should always have a thankful mind about this.


The 3 Efforts to Maintain Health

One must make efforts to maintain health during one’s life time. Among these efforts, the first is the food one eats, the second is exercise. If there is dis-harmony between food and exercise, one’s health pattern is broken.

Third, is breathing. Breathing plays the role of controlling one’s energy and calming one down. But the management of one’s energy is not for the beginner or anyone else to do by themselves; it can be done only after learning the methods deeply.

If one can do breathing 100%, breathing itself can manage one’s health. But it’s hard to do it 100%, so one needs supplementary methods. Take care of your health through eating, exercising and breathing.

However, when I look at our Suseonjae members, there’s not one person who is deficient in nutrition, rather they have excessive nutrition. They are biased in their eating, and so health problems have occurred. They also don’t exercise. Exercise is not something special. Just cleaning one’s room can be exercise, for if one move’s one’s body without stopping, that’s exercise. The first characteristic of those who life a long life is that they ceaselessly move their body.


The Method to Strengthen your Physical Stamina

The method to strengthen your physical stamina is to reduce your thinking in half. That you are thinking too much is the problem. You should not be such a detailedly picky person. You think that something grave will happen if you don’t think. You must know how to not think. When thoughts are reduced, the physical stamina is replenished naturally.

It’s also necessary to do exercises for building one’s stamina. There are a few gi-gong exercises such as “jabal gong” that strengthen the body; one can do those for 30 minutes. Also, among our meditation methods posture meditations like Daejucheon, Jisuhwapung, etc give lots of exercise. They build stamina and strengthen the lower body.

For those who still feel lacking, supplement with running, walking or sokbo. Each person is different, but if you increase slightly the amount of exercise, it will work.

Hiking is good but the type of mountain is different according to the body type. Those who are a bit heavy, should hike on rocky mountains, those who are bit skinny should hike on round, earthy mountains. Rocky mountains have strong energy, but they are cold so are quite unhelpful to skinny people.

When hiking, focus on exercise and don’t focus on receiving the energy of the mountain, because nowadays the earth energy of mountains is very polluted.


Walking has the power to heal the heart

Walking stimulates the bottom of the feet. It strengthens the body’s pericardium and triple heater (similar to heart function) and the nervous system, it also empowers the immune system. Those who feel down or depressed, should walk 10,000 steps receiving sunshine. The parts that are sad inside will come out and without you realizing it you will become bright naturally.


The method to release exhaustion

In general, exhaustion comes from the mind. If the mind is light, and without stress, and if you receive lots of energy during meditation, one is not tired.

To release exhaustion, the first best method is sleeping. Next is meditation, and the next is exercise. If sleeping is difficult, meditate, if meditation is hard, then I recommend exercise.

The meditation method to release exhaustion is concentrating one’s thought on something good. Through concentrating you take that state and bring it to you. Meditate on a forest or being deep in the water. Imagine the most pure and good place you have ever seen. Imagine you are sitting there. And imagine that your body is fully immersed in that place so that accumulation of energy will happen naturally.

One should do exercise everyday, but when you are unable to do so, I recommend that even after meditation you do a little bit. One’s joints must be relaxed and one’s energy circulation fluid, for these help in the process of overcoming exhaustion. Exercising before you sleep is especially good.


The method to supplement gi (energy)

Human beings cannot exist with only blood alone, gi(energy) must always supply help for circulation to occur. Gi is yin and Hyrul(blood) is yang, and as they always go together, in Oriental Medicine we say “Gi/Hyurl”.

If Gi-Hyurl is not flowing fluidly it’s because there is a problem inside. Whether it’s a problem of gi-disease, hyurl-disease, etc we have to look at it deeply. If Gi flow is not fluid, then Hyurl’s flow is also not fluid.

But, there are times when Gi energy just flows out of the body. When energy leaves the body, you become tired. Let’s look at these.

  • When you move the body, for example in labor intensive activities or in exercise, jeong(essence) remains in the body and takgi(impure energy) leaves the body. The body becomes refreshed. Labor intensive activities produce gi and eliminate toxic waste from the body.

On the other hand, mental work sends out essence and leaves takgi(toxic waste) in the body. It’s best that you do mental work with a joyful mind. If you are forced to do work that you dislike, essence is sent out and only impure energy remains. As gi leaves the body, your physical health gets worse.

However, if you say you must work, at least you must work with a pleasurable mental state. If you hate that work more than death, then it’s best that you don’t do that work. You should change jobs. If you think like this and that with mental conflict, you will lose a huge amount of energy.

  • Also, one can lose a lot of energy through urine. When it’s cold outside and you wear light clothes, you end up going to the restroom often, no? At that time, you are losing gi through urine. The human skeleton must be kept warm. The human being is a warm-blooded animal that must be kept at 36.5 degrees celsius. A warm-blooded animal. Therefore if you maintain the body so that it is doesn’t get cold, jeonggi(essence energy) will not leave the body.
  • If you put on too many clothes when it’s hot gi leaves the body through sweat. It’s right to think that sweat is only toxic energy, but in fact gi energy leaves the body through sweat as well.
  • If one is sad and lets tears overflow, one becomes exhausted right? Energy is leaving the body through tears, that’s why.
  • Lastly, if the Jungcho (center body, or center part of the candle) gets hot, then the stomach’s function is overactivated and gi energy leaves the body through saliva. And there are those who get stressed and let saliva flow out, or those who spit and spit. And that time, gi energy is leaving the body through saliva.

If you protect against these few, you can block the act of gi energy leaving the body.