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Liquid Enzymes for good Health

How to make enzymes at home for better health & well-being

Suseonjae is a Meditation School which is based in Breathing from our very Core, our Danjeon – to do so we need to be in Good Health: Eat well, Exercise daily and practice regular Meditation.

One of the things that Suseonjae Trainees love to do to boost their immune system is to drink Plant Enzymes that are prepared as a Fermented, Concentrated Syrup made from fresh fruits, vegetables or wild plants.

Enzymes are needed by all of our bodies’ systems and organs so they can do their work properly. We should take those in when we eat products grown from the Earth, but we do not because plants are heavily sprayed while growing, picked too green, transported over too long distances, kept in cold storage and so on; by the time these foods are on our plate, they are pretty much devoid of the majority of their healthful properties.

We recommend drinking enzymes as a cordial at least twice a day. Due to the fermentation process, wonderful bacteria develop which greatly assist the digestion process such as acid reflux and help also in intestinal problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation etc.

Additionally, each material itself brings its own wonderful properties as for example Pomegranate a known Super Food, high in anti-oxidants and Vitamin C,  amongst many others, but is also a source of natural Estrogen, very helpful for Men and Women…one of the first things a Doctor will prescribe in the case of Prostate Cancer …

Beetroot is excellent for High Blood Pressure and Gout. It is the only enzyme we recommend not to exceed the dosage of 2 tablespoon in a big glass of water twice a day as it may drop the blood pressure too much…

Below is one way to make Enzymes … It’s Fun! Enjoy!


Enzyme Preparation Method


Collect plant, vegetable or fruit as required (Organic is of course Best!)

  1. Prepare by washing and cutting up coarsely
  2. Drain water well
  3. Measure weight & prepare same amount of Sugar (which transmutes into a product similar to Fructose after being digested by the enzymes at the end of the process)
  4. Layer vegetable, or fruit, and sugar layer by layer – Finish with a sugar layer
  5. Keep in a cool place
  6. In Summer, within 5 days, the material will start floating to the top; in Winter it will take over one week. There will then be 3 layers, starting with the sugar, then the juice and the plant matter. On top of that, there will sometimes be bubbles forming.
  7. Take out the juice that has formed at that point and bottle, top with a cloth and elastic band. Fruit Enzyme will take around 3 months to ferment and Wild Plants and Veges will take about 6 months for complete fermentation.
    1. After the fermentation process, fruit enzyme should be kept for an additional 9 months; it then becomes almost like a medicine, helpful for many problems.
    2. The wild plant and veges enzyme is drinkable after 6 months but if kept for over one year after that process, it is also better for health.
    3. To test whether the product has completed the fermentation process: Take a little of the enzyme syrup and add 5 times water, put into a small plastic bottle with a cap. Leave at normal room temperature for about 3 days and check. If alcoholic or bubbly or gassy, it means that the process is not complete. Leave a little longer and test again.
  1. After taking out the first juice, mix material and sugar together and leave for another few days. When sugar is melted completely, take out the second juice and pour into a container and keep in the fridge. It can be used as a sugar replacement, or in salad dressings etc.
  2. The material itself can be used as a puree for smoothies, yoghurt etc.

Enzymes can be enjoyed by mixing two tablespoons in a large glass of water. It is recommended first thing in the morning and last thing at night. But is there is a need for an extra boost of energy, another glass of delicious enzymes always does the trick! We also recommend adding freshly squeezed lemon juice to the drink for some more potent immune system boosting and deliciousness!!!


Good health for better Breathing Meditation.