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Suseonjae Training Centers

“Suseonjae Headquarters, Centers or houses where Suseonins live are filled with people who, with a pure mind, smile brightly and send warm greetings” – From the Identity and Precepts of Suseonjae

Suseonjae Training Centers are places where Suseonins gather together to practice training. The hosts and the owners of the training centers are the Suseonins themselves. It’s the place we can give and receive much among ourselves.

There are many benefits to training together, especially in terms of energy quality and quantity and no matter your level in training, it is always recommended wherever possible that you attend a place of training with other Suseonins.

A Suseonjae Training Center can be thought of as one’s soul’s home. and one’s fellow trainees as one’s soul family. Therefore, the Training Center should always be kept clean and tidy both physically and energetically.

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