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We are a culture experience center with the theme of life and death.

What is life and what is death? How should I live my life? It is the answers to these questions that so many modern people anxiously search for. Not to mention young people, middle aged and old people who have not found the ways of their lives but only keep wandering. Suseonjae Seon Culture Experience Center was established to show what a life is, how one should live, where humans came from and where they are heading towards.

We are the place where one learns how to know and love Nature, Human beings and the Universe.

Originally, human beings, nature and the Universe came out of the same root, and they have helped and loved and cultivated the Earth into a beautiful and abundant planet. But as the material civilization came more dominant, human beings got farther away from other beings and they came to make a selfish civilization which focuses only on themselves. The result is that the Earth is suffering.

Seon Culture Center on the one hand is informing people of the mistakes we humans have made to bring the Earth to this critical situation and on the other hand looking for and sharing the methods to love each other and spread goodness.

You will be able to experience seon culture here

As we mentioned elsewhere, the Chinese character Seon(仙) is made up of the characters human being(人) and mountain(山), and here mountain also refers to nature and the Universe.

The traditional cultures of East Asia had their starting point with the understanding of this relationship; it was a part of their culture, a philosophy of life. Seon means where people, nature and the Universe exist in harmony.

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