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Fruitful Life and Beautiful Completion

img01_01What is life? And then what is death? Then exactly what does it mean to live? Hundreds of people these days ask these questions regularly. In our present times, the youth, middle age and even the elderly cannot find the road of life and get lost easily in today’s world. For this reason, we hope to play the role of a lighthouse that can show the road to true living. It’s hard to find teachings that will awaken the mind and touch the heart in today’s world. There is an overflow of self-help methods, but it’s very hard to find books that let you know how one should live and what is a true life. It’s even hard to find teachings that bring one to an awakening. That’s why Seon Culture Promotion and Education Center was started. SPEC is a life school that teaches one how to live and how to prepare for completion of one’s life. . We hope to play the role of a lighthouse that can show the road to true living for those who are wandering in the world.


What Seon Culture Teaches Us

img01_02“I exist because you exist” is the motto of the Zulu tribe in Africa. Like this says, no one lives in the world alone. Seon is a culture and philosophy that started from this understanding. The Chinese character Seon shows a human (人), mountain (山) forming one relationship together (仙), and this mountain has the meaning of nature and the Universe. Thus Seon means human, nature and the universe existing in harmony with each other. The reason the great lectures these days do not have a huge impact on our society is because they focus on the parts, not the whole. It is because they only focus on the reality of society, the reality of nature, or the reality of spirituality, separate from the whole picture. To live fruitfully and have a beautiful completion, one needs the love and knowledge of humankind, nature and the Universe at the same time. The road to true living is when we put into practice the love of people, the love of nature and the love of the universe. Seon Culture Promotion and Education Center exists to pass along the teachings of this kind of Seon culture.


Holistic Life-Education Center

img01_03The most representative lecture is the 8 Important Things in Life. The things that one must know and put into practice to live fruitfully and to have a beautiful completion are divided into 8 categories. At the same time, so that you can put these into practice in your daily life, we also arranged various programs such as meditation, coaching, healing therapy, natural farming, and more. It’s difficult to change oneself just through knowledge. Our main principle is that you absolutely must feel and experience through your whole body in order to change. We help and encourage those who have finished the program to start culture communities to help others find the true road of life.