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Seon Exercises


Our awakening exercises are an exercise program thousands of years old. They release muscles and joints softly through motions such as shaking, tapping, rubbing, extending or pulling. They also stimulate acupoints of the body and make the circulation of blood and energy smooth.

While Western styles of physical exercises have developed focusing on the movements of muscles and joints, energy exercises have developed with an emphasis on how to establish control, and accumulate invisible vital energy.

The principles of energy exercises are based on the understanding of the human body in the field of traditional oriental medicine. In traditional oriental medicine, there are 12 meridians channels in the body, and human organs interact with one another organically through these channels.

For example, the stomach is connected to the thighs and knees through the meridian channel. So to improve the functions of the stomach one should do energy exercises which strengthen the thighs and knees. The heart is linked to the forearms and elbows through the energy channels, thus exercises that make the forearms and elbows strong will strengthen the heart. And the effects are immediate!

However, these movements are not aimed at muscular strength but at vital energy. That is why these exercises are composed of slow movements of parts of the body. Slow movements are helpful to strengthening and smoothing the flow of internal energy.

The effects of the awakening exercises double when you exercise them together with Seon breathing. When you practice Seon breathing, vital energy is accumulated in the body. The accumulated energy makes each movement powerful, and thus slow dynamic exercises will bring much more desirable results when properly combined with breathing.

It’s best to do all five elements daily; here are 14 basic exercises you can do everyday for a healthy body and mind. Earth Exercises: Stomach, spleen, knees, thighs, mouth, flesh Metal Exercises: Lungs, large intestine, reduces constipation, skin, wrists, nose Water Exercises: Kidneys, bladder, reproductive organs, bone, marrow, ankles, ears, hair Tree Exercises: Liver, gall bladder, muscles, tendons, hip joints, hands, feet, eyes, neck Fire Exercises: Heart, small intestine, circulation, heel, tongue, face Immune System Exercises: Triple Heater, pericardium, immunity, nerve system, sleeping disorders.



1. Bouncing on Your Heels(50x) Immunity System Place both legs shoulder-width apart and lift your heels up and down without touching the floor; breathe out fully. -Releases heaviness and makes you feel refreshed.

2. Am Swinging(50x) Fire Lift your arms straight up with elbows locked and drop them down snapping the wrists, sending stress out the fingers. -Releases toxins from upper body.

3. Neck Exercise (4x) Tree 1.Move the neck up and down 2. Move the neck clockwise and then counterclockwise 3. Try to touch your shoulder with your ear 4. Pull your chin in and turn left and right trying to look at your shoulder.

4. Shoulder Rolls (8x) Fire With both hands on your shoulders, rolls your shoulders forward and backwards

5. Arm Swings(8x) Immune System With both arms extended, swing the arms forward and backwards. -Good for the heart, circulation and overall immune system.

6. Shoulder Ups(50x) Fire

With legs shoulder-width apart, lift the shoulders up and down.
-Good for stiff shoulders..

7. Stretching Forward (3X) Tree Interlace your hands.
1) Breathing in, raise your arms as high as possible and stare at the back of the hands..
2) Breathing out, stretch down and touch the floor. Come up and do it to each side..
-Good for spinal problems and thyroid glands.

8.Waist Rolls(100x) Water Place your hands on your waist and like drawing a circle, rotate your waist. Clockwise, then counterclockwise.
-Good for all lower back problems.

9. Hand Opening Exercise(100X) Immune System With your legs shoulder-width apart, repeat opening and closing your hands fully. Don’t move your arms, only the hands.

-Good for immune system.

10. Kicking Your Feet Together (100X) Earth

Kick your feet together, in a seated or lying down position.  Kick your feet together 100 times.

– Good for sleeping disorders and digestion.



11. Heart Release (1 minute), Immune System 1) Lying down with legs and arms raised, shake as hard as you can. Make sure your arms and legs are locked.
2) After one minute, let the body fall to the floor. Good for high blood pressure and inflammation.



12. Anal Muscle Pulling Water/ Metal

13. Squats (30x) Earth

With legs shoulder-width apart, squat down and up with chest and spine straight.

-Good for balance and digestive problems

14. Danjeon Strengthening (200x) Metal 1)With yours legs shoulder-width apart, place both hands on your lower abdomen (5 cm below your navel).  With your thumbs on your navel, make a triangle.

2) Breathing in, push out. Breathing out, pull back to the spine. Do it quickly. Good for constipation and health of intestines.