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A. I am aware that I am a precious being and exist as part of the Universe.

Action 1

Whenever i look in the mirror, I encourage myself and send warm greetings to the Universe, Earth, Animals and Plants as well as other people.

Greetings are the beginning of everything and also a method to send love to others. One of its attributes is that it grows bigger as it is delivered to others. You need to be able to love yourself first and then nature and the Universe.

Loving yourself is the same as securing the channel to provide energy to yourself; only the one who can love him/herself can live a happy and joyous life, a life full of love and a fruitful life with the blessing of the Universe. As a tree should grow its leaves first to receive sunshine for photosynthesis, only when one grows his/her leaves of self-love, can one receive the love of The Universe and make one’s self blossom.

Likewise, only the person who can love himself, can he love others, nature and The Universe. That is because they are one’s “extended self” that are connected to him/her. That is to say, all creation began from one’s self, and by loving oneself, one can love and embrace all creations.

Also, while having these greetings as a habit, one cannot but become humble since he/she develops the mind of gratitude toward other people, the Earth, all creations and The Universe.

Action 2

I do not lie.

A lie is the beginning of all vices. One lie gives birth to another lie to justify it and gradually make you further departed from your consciousness and original nature. You shouldn’t say even a white lie, and you need to attain the unity of your speech, thinking and action little by little.
In addition, you need to be able to be square and honest not only to others but to yourself, and furthermore in front of the Universe.

Action 3

I know what i truly want to do and live doing it.

You need to know why you were born, what you have to do and do the work pleasantly. For all people born on the Earth, the reason they were born is nothing but to evolve through experience. To accomplish that, you need to discover your calling first of all.

Your calling is your pre-arranged work through which you will learn lessons and evolve in this lifetime. When your job is not your calling, an unquenched thirst arises from the inside of your mind, and you will keep searching for more meaningful and fruitful works.

Then, how can you discover your calling? The method is to open your eyes of love and look through them. The word, “calling” signifies “the calling from the people in the world.” That is, if you think about what the world wants from you and how you can pay back nature and the society, which gave birth to you and have brought you up, the answer will be naturally arise. Practicing your calling is no different from practicing love.
The one who does the work of their calling is full of delight, happiness and love because the delight of his/her original nature is transferred to the person. One’s occupation should be one’s calling, not just a means for making a living.
Seonins (enlightened beings) are those with the capability to unify what they have to do and what they want to do

Action 4

I make walking a daily pastime and do not think while i am walking

We recommend walking for the health of your body and mind, as well as saving resources for environmental protection. Also, walking is the most basic exercise a human being needs and by practicing it earnestly alone, you can manage your health effectively. You should focus only on the action of walking itself and interact with all the objects you encounter on the way. You will find that even though you are with others, life is in fact a road you walk by yourself.

B. I do not impose myself on nature.

Action 5

I live in a small environment-friendly house and reduce usage of electronic goods.

A large house is not only harmful for nature, but is also undesirable in terms of saving resources. If you live in a small house, you can save everything, including furniture, home appliances, garbage and energy, that will helpful for both humans and nature. The most appropriate size of a room for a healthy body and mind is only about 8.25 m² (about 27 square feet). If you live in a house which is too big, due to the imbalance of energy your health can worsen.

For the new mankind, houses or goods are not the means for ostentation or investment anymore; they are just tools to attain the goal of your life. We should pursue a simple life where we produce and use necessary things, and this can be accomplished through an ecological way of life.

The ecological way of life pursues the ideal of not imposing ourselves on nature by assimilating our lives into the ecosystem. Needless to say, this way of life is the most natural, but as the way of the mankind’s life have flowed in a wrong direction, it has come to be perceived as the ideal pursued only by special people.

If you understand the cycle of life designed by the Creator, you will come to understand how we should be managing our food, clothing and shelter.

Action 6

When I die, I will return to nature immediately by being cremated and having the ashes spread over water or soil.

Occupying a large house even after you die, is not a good thing for nature, your descendants or your evolution. Just as if you take off your clothes, your soul returns to The Universe, which gave birth to you and your physical body remains on the Earth, after you have completed your course on the Earth. By the way, as long as your vestiges remain on the Earth in whatever form, your evolution to the next dimension has no option but to be delayed.

Cremation can return your body to nature and conclude your course of one lifetime most quickly. This is also the last expression of gratitude you can show to nature, which has brought you up and fed you during your life.

Action 7

I do my best to minimize the garbage i throw away.

It is said that if we pile up the garbage a person produces through his whole life, it would be the size of a big mountain. If you try to reduce your garbage, you would become thrifty naturally. For a person to live his life, not so many things are necessary. We should stop buying unnecessary things because of the desire for comfort or to soothe one’s mental vanity or loneliness.

Action 8

I have a grateful mind whenever I eat.

Soil, water, sunshine, wind, air, and food, which determine a human’s life, come from nature with no price. If you give thanks whenever you face food, the result of all these blessings, you will gain insight into the invisible world. You will understand that the “higher parents” who gave you your birth and who have raised you are The Universe and Earth.

C. Others are as precious as I am.

Action 9

I respect the opinions and matters of others, including family, and do not enforce my opinion.

That is because you can’t be sure your opinion is always right. The bodies of children came to the Earth through their parents’ bodies, but their souls are connected to their body from The Universe; so we can say they are different beings. No matter how young children are, they should be respected as separate souls with their spirituality. Since they can be souls of much higher level, it is not desirable to judge them with your criteria and draw a line.

In addition, advice without knowing the life schedule of the person can, even if it came out of good intentions, create enormous karmic debt by disturbing their schedule of learning lessons they were supposed to do. Accordingly, interfering in other’s affairs and enforcing your opinions is something you should never do.

Action 10

I put material and mental sharing into action on a daily basis and i promise to donate my internal organs for transplant after death.

Sharing is a way to approach The Universe by emptying yourself. Therefore, giving away to others is not just giving your things to others; but rather, it is choosing others as means for emptying yourself.
One of most representative attributes of energy is that it flows; and its flow becomes enhanced when its exchange is smooth. Since materials are also fundamentally energy, if you share material things with others, its flow gets enhanced and you will become more enriched.

Most people are indebted to people, nature, the world and the Universe. Pledging to donate your organs after death is the best way to show virtue to nature and other people. Also, in sharing there is not only the sharing of materials but also mental sharing. One of the representative virtues of the New Mankind is to relieve even a handful of the weight of the world, by sharing pure, bright and warm waves.

Action 11

I do not indulge in eating meat.

The vicious circle where the poor suffer from famine while the rich are troubled with corpulence owing to the imbalance of wealth must be stopped. The huge amount of grains used as animal fodder should be delivered to neighbors who suffer from food shortages.

Not every person needs to eat meat; some need meat while others don’t depending on their body constitutions. Even if some people need it, they don’t have to eat large amounts of it; also those who don’t need to eat meat could actually ruin their health and get diseases if they do so. We recommend that you get nutrition from bean products and sea plants instead of meat.

Also, people shouldn’t force animals to live lives of enormous pain to satisfy their appetites. There is no single being that was created to become food for other animals from the beginning. All beings on the Earth including animals are also the members of the Earth, born to evolve like human beings; they have the right to live and enjoy their lives and to meet beautiful deaths. A vegetarian diet is the way to practice love even without assuming aggressive ways such as becoming a volunteer or even donating.

Action 12

I respect the old and all people who are hurt, and I will take specific action for them.

We should respect the long life experience of the old, for they have gone through more. As we live in the world, we experience more pains than joys. It is said that life is a “sea of bitterness;” only by suffering such hardships and difficulties, they have had many life lessons.

Also we should understand and share the tremendous pains of all people who are hurt. This is because the disasters they unknowingly go through are the sorrow of all human beings. The happenings on the other side of the Earth cannot be regarded as other’s affairs anymore. Even if they don’t take place in front of us firsthand, we should help them with our concern.

A person’s vessel can be figured out when we see with how much love the person tries to practice things. The Universe’s will is that people don’t stay idle as a small vessel but rather travel the path of evolution and grow their capacity. By not only loving your family and yourself, you should be able to overcome your small self and live the life of loving and taking care of other people too, with a true heart. It is impossible to attain without love, so you should try to have the mind of love.

D. I am aware that the purpose of the creation of human beings and the Universe is evolution, and that the Earth is a school.

Action 13

I have realised that learning from experience is enough for a human being and therefore rise above birth, aging, illness and death. I am not attached to good or ill luck, blessings or misfortune.

People who are born on the Earth, no matter who you are, are born to evolve through training or experiences. All the things that come to you have no other significance than for study. When you understand this deeply, you will only feel gratitude for all the studies that come to you. The more studies you have, the broader and more enriched you become. As if a student pays fees to the school, we can say you are paying lesson fees to yourself for life study. The more study you have, the more of an abundant soul you will become, so you will be able to receive anything with joy.

If you truly become conscious the fact that you are a soul who came to the Earth for lessons, you won’t get attached to birth-aging-illness-death; nor good or ill luck, blessings or misfortune anymore. In terms of “birth” it is joyful to be born, in terms of “aging” it is joyful as your experiences keep being accumulated, in terms of “illness” it is worthy of gratitude as it informs you of the part which is not healthy in your body, and in terms of “death” isn’t it worthy of gratitude as it makes you close the fruition of the time when you are alive?

As if a student who has studied faithfully is waiting for graduation and looking forward to the next stage, the person who has lived earnestly throughout this lifetime and practiced with sincerity will come to realize all the elements of the birth-aging-illness-death are the secrets that have decisively grown him.

All of them are what you should encounter pleasantly and go through in the process of awakening and are the things you should be appreciative of.

Action 14

I do not repeat the same mistake when I find my ‘fruit of good and evil’.

No matter who they are, all people are given one or two “fruits of good and evil” when they are born on the Earth, because the earth is a school and a school always has some constraints for the study of students. We can say it is similar to the Pandora’s Box you should never open.

The “fruit of good and evil” is a teaching material; what you find from it is up to you. From the same issue, if you find good, it will become good while if you find evil, it will become evil.
The subject can differ depending on individuals such as health, parents, children, spouse, wealth and fame. If it is your fruit of good and evil, no matter how hard you seek for it, it won’t be gained. In it, there is The Universe’s will, “Try to live your life without it.” It means you shouldn’t try to pick and have what is deficient in your life but acquire how to overcome it without having it and sublimate the situation so that you can approach further evolution.

Nevertheless, humans tend to be blind about what they do have, but become serious about what they don’t have, so in many cases people end up with miserable lives while chasing what is deficient in them. Since humans can move onto the next level only when their one study is complete, repeating the same study is a huge waste of time and energy.

Action 15

I make it a habit to breath deeply with the Universe everyday.

Deep breathing training with universe energy through your danjeon (an energy reservoir situated in your lower abdomen) and meditation is the first virtue of the New Mankind. To be able to live in harmony with your neighbors, nature and the Universe, you need to be able to communicate with them; such ability can be raised through meditation. In the life of the New Mankind, meditation will be one of the major education subjects.

In the thinking pattern of the old mankind, when it comes to education, people think of acquiring knowledge first of all whereas in the New Mankind’s way of thinking, the best goal and subject of education will be to communicate with people, nature and the Universe by honing and polishing oneself through meditation.