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You’re invited to a special experience.
An experience that will enrich your life in all ways!

Suseonjae is here to show you the road, the path, the gate to health, well-being, internal strength, will-power and eventually to that special self within you.

Suseonjae provides exciting and revitalizing stretching, meditation and traditional breathing methods that have been used for thousands of years in Korea. Redefined for modern people, these breathing methods introduced by Suseonjae offer a recovery of your core health and enable you to be in charge of the tasks in your life with clarity.

The Suseonjae program has two courses: 1) the basic stretching, meditation and breathing program and 2) for those seeking deeper questions on self, divinity and the Universe, we offer Seongye Practice. Precise details are inside.


Suseonjae, a society of trainees who are performing Seongye Practice, was initiated in 1998 by a few trainees. At the beginning of Suseonjae, there were four people who opened a training center, with Master Suroso Mun as their teacher. From then on, Suseonjae grew rapidly as the number of people seeking a superior practice and gathering for it increased. Currently, over 1000 trainees are practicing at over 60 branches worldwide including in New York, Paris, Sydney, Berlin, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, and Johannesburg online and offline.

Suseonjae is confident it can satisfy your needs for body, mind, and soul.