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What is meditation?

Meditation is the art of exercising the mind. Just as we do physical exercises
like running and swimming to strengthen our muscles and ligaments, we need to
do some exercises to activate and enhance our mind; it’s because the mind controls
the body, thoughts, feels and emotions.

Meditation releases stress, opens the heart, gathers strength and brightens one’s thinking in order to increase one’s wisdom. In the East, meditation is made up of two characters. “Myung” and “Sang”.  Myung means to close one’s eyes; Sang, to think. In other words, meditation means to closes one’s eyes silently and think deeply on, or “observe”, one’s thoughts; look at one’s emotions and desires through the inner mind’s eye; listen to one’s inner sound and feel what’s inside; and cut off the five senses to outside world and shift one’s mind to what is inside.

How have we always viewed meditation?

Historically, it’s been viewed as the art of closing the eyes and thinking silently – that is, to enter deeply inside. The fact that great saints were able to live peacefully and beautifully in the past and break out of animal tendencies, was because they were able to concentrate deeply within. Human beings are thinking animals. Religion, philosophy, cultural theories were all created by thinking. The concept of meditation has been understood differently in each region.

In the West we call it “meditation”; to think deeply, plan, observe silently. Meditation in the West has had a religious meaning of calm reflection. In the West, we have been introduced to many meditation methods from India, Buddhism and Qi-gong.

The original meaning of meditation from the East was not to think silently – but to “cut off thinking”.
That’s because a calm, inner consciousness is the foundation of one’s thought. One’s pure consciousness comes out naturally through calm immersion and meditation.

Hinduism has used a wide variety of meditation methods till now; so has yoga karma and various other Eastern meditation schools. Yoga in particular has various levels of meditation. But the common thread among meditation from the East is that they teach ethics at the same time as cultivating the body, and the method is to make the body as comfortable and flexible as possible.

The reason the East focuses on ethics and a pliable physical body is these two are very important for the most important thing in meditation – correct breathing. Correct breathing through the lower belly needs a balanced body frame for breathing in and out deeply. In this way, Eastern meditation goes through the external phase of cultivation and then moves on to the inner phase of meditation.

Traditionally, there were three stages. First was to focus the mind on one place and not diverge. The second was for the mind to become silent, pure and clean. Third was to reach the highest levels of concentration and then have your consciousness disappear, at which state you become one with the universe that is light. In religion terms, it has been known as Samadhi, Deliverance or just Enlightenment.

What is Suseonjae’s meaning of meditation?

In Suseonjae, we say meditation means to hold a certain posture and breathe while maintaining a comfortable body and mind. The method is to focus on one thought deeply with concentration, or to just concentrate on one spot with no thought at all. This is the best method, but as it’s difficult, most have focused on concentrating deeply on one thought. But the most important thing for concentration in meditation is to be able to gather energy. If one can gather energy, one can gain power in meditation.

Therefore, the meditation that people seek for to obtain a healthy body and mind is the meditation done through danjeon breathing. Danjeon is the vessel in the center of the bottom that stores energy. Suseonjae meditation focuses on meditating silently in breathing concentration in a lowered alpha wavelength gathering energy into the danjeon.

Let’s look at the clear and simple benefits of meditation.

TIME Magazine has run several articles in recent years about the effects of meditation…

  • “THE SCIENCE OF MEDITATION”: New Age Mumbo Jumbo? Not for the millions of Americans who meditate for health and well-being.
  • “MEDITATION NATION”: It’s not just New Age any more. Americans of all kinds are meditating to boost their immune systems and to reduce stress.
  • “CALMING THE MIND”: Meditation is an ancient discipline, but scientists have only recently developed tools sophisticated enough to see what goes on in your brain when you do it.
  • “JUST SAY “OM”: Millions of Americans—many of whom don’t even own crystals—practice meditation every day. Why? Because it works.
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Here is a picture of one male’s brain waves in a stressed state as illustrated by the pink peaks.


Here’s a picture of his brain waves after 10 minutes of breathing meditation.





Before you know it, you will find your stress and complicated thoughts have been broken down realize you have shifted your attention from outside to inside. As you go inward and inward, you purify your mind and reach a place of peace. As you give your mind a rest, your body has the space to heal itself.

To synchronize consciousness and breathing

What is Mindful Breathing?

Mindful breathing means to combine breathing with your conscious mind. It doesn’t mean breathing with your breathing and conscious mind divided but to place your conscious mind onto your breathing and breath in and out. It’s the breathing method to consciously think for example, “As I breathe out, I sent out all my grudges and prejudice and breathe in peace, and as I breathe out, I breathe out all the toxins in my stomach and breathe in the purest universe energy.” Without placing your conscious mind together with your breathing, it’s hard to call that true breathing. Only when the conscious mind is gathered in one place can that be called breathing training. Also, only through mindful breathing can one’s brain waves be lowered. Through placing your conscious mind onto your breathing and lowering your breathing, the brain waves enter into the alpha state.

Why mindful breathing is important

There are many methods that focus on consciousness only. But it’s hard to go far on this method, as there’s no supporting power. Without power the drive forward wanes. Although it looks like one is going in deeper towards an awakening, after a while when you look at it, you have returned to the original spot.

But there are those who have reached a feeling of awakening in the state where they don’t do breathing. However, in fact it’s just a momentary thing, a false illusion. There is a saying in Hindi Buddhism, “Everything you see is illustion,” which is very correct. Everything you see where you are not in the state of deep breathing is illusion, just passing shadows.

There are those who put an emphasis on “emptying”. This is correct, as we have so many many things stuck inside of us, and we must throw them away. Only through true emptying can one find oneself, but in fact, just emptyng alone is insufficient, as emptyting only has no power and no continual pushing force. Breathing and mindfulness have the continual power to support the energy and help towards one’s evolution.

Mindful Meditation

At Suseonjae, after one finished the basic level, or after one has accumulated energy, according to each member’s progress and individual character, various mindful meditation methods are given. There are over 500 mindful meditations, and I will just introduce a few now.

Medical Healing Meditation Method
Brain waves are very strong, so they can be used to treat sickness. Medical Healing Meditation is the healing method to shoot brain waves onto the sick parts of the body. For example, if one’s stomach is not good, you shoot your brainwaves to your stomach, and they wash the impure energy of the stomach and you fill it up with pure Universe energy. What’s important to do this is mindful concentration, breathing and Univese energy. As one gets adept at this, one gets the power to cure other’s sicknesses as well.

Brain Purification Meditation Methods
This meditation method awakens the brain and activates it. One cleanses the brain and the eyes and cleanses the organs connected to the eyes (liver and gall bladder), and then cleanses both sides of the brain and deep into the heart. This is especially good for the parts between the left and right hemispheres of the brain called the “emotional brain”.

Postures are signals, and as one assumes a certain position, the wavelengths for that posture are connected.

Posture Meditations are signals and the meditation methods where one breathes through holding a fixed posture for a certain amount of time. As you hold a posture, you are connected to the waves that are right for you. The effects are very powerful, but one should hold the position correctly.

Posture Meditations

Dong-Maek Meditation

dongmaek meditationIt is the process of opening all of the internal paths of energy along the front, back and center lines of the body through energy. If the energy in the body doesn’tflow, it gets stuck, and this is themethod to open the major acupoints and allow the energy to circulate through its normal routes.

It also connects to energy lines that have not been used before and prepared one for the next stage, Daejucheon Posture Meditation.

-It’s good for all spinal pains and inflammations.


Daejuncheon Meditation

Daejuncheon MeditationAculines are not just in the human body only; they are in the Universe as well. There are internal and external aculines. “Internal” ones are those major ones that flow in the human body, and “external” aculines are those that flow in the Universe. Daejucheon Meditation opens the internal aculines and acupoints of the human body and at the same time creates the routes to receive the external energy from the Universe. Position one receives energy from the Universe and position two receives energy from the earth. Through Daejucheon Meditation, Universe and Earth energies become one in the body. As this happens, one’s acupoints open as does one’s mind, and if one’s mind opens, one can embrace everyone in their mind. This is the process to correct the left and right imbalances of the body.